Oct 27, 2008


To day was a interesting one.........at least in my boring life.First I did not want to get my lazy ass out of bed this morning for anything.I was almost late to work and was not happy to be up.

Then I broke down and through away 60+snowboard boot boxes and it was so sweet.

No but for real, Fist ever real ride on a big fucking huckin bike. One of the guys at the shop I work at lent me a Giant Team dh bike. It is fuckin huge and the head tube is so slacked, it feels like you are just along for what the bike wants to do and were it wants to go for the first hour on it or so. I met up with a couple of local DH cyclists at Spirit Mountain for some fast and loose action. We started out at the bottom and hike up that shit pushing a 60lb anchor(it really was
not that bad but I am just embellishing a little to make for a good story) up the hiking trail.
First run down went ok, i only ate shit once and lost the trail down because of the abundance of fallen leaves and ended up almost flying full tilt into one of the many creeks at Spirit. Second run down stated to get a little to comfortable and past one of the other riders laughing and poking fun. So just crankin and having a awesome time, started to come up on the on the other rider. I saw him and watched him for a second to see were the trail went next and plowed a tree. This had to be the hardest I have ever hit a tree on a bike. The tree was about 3 inches in diameter and flexed over about 50 degrees when I railed it with my shoulder/chest. My body then proceeded to whip around, landed flat back and got Hulk Hogan body slammed by the bike. The moment I Hit the ground i thought i was fucked up, laid there for second and felt fine.
I fell i got away very lucky on that one if it bruises up real good i will post a pic. Took a couple more runs, I got so tried on the last hike up I though for sure I would veer off track on the way down. That was all the drama of the ride. A good day on a bike.

Song of the Day

This song gets me so pumped to ride or amps me out when riding. It just seems that it make me ride faster, hop higher and just let it hang out more thanI thought possible.

One day when I still lived in the CW I put this song on repeat on my cd player and proceeded to \ ride the fastest loop from my folks to Warner Park around the trails and back. It amped me up so much it seemed like i was pretty much bmx sprinting the whole way. It was one of the best feeling rides of my life.

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Ben said...

"Hulk Hogan body slammed by the bike"
Funny shit.