Nov 1, 2008

Missed a day

I feel guilty missing a day of action blogging in my first week. It is a little tough when you are traveling to a friends wedding in GF with no computer. So Josh and Sara Jo got hitched to day and had a wild reception. I through seeing someone else get married would get me a little nervous, nothing. It was nice to see all of my friends here sense they are not just friends they are my family. So hit up the old GF skate park today to ride the new concrete features. The hits were alright but most of all it was nice to know that the park had a real home. The ramps from this park had been moved around multiple times in my three years in GF. Every time they got moved on more thing would get fucked up, so the park got smaller and smaller which sucked. I started out as a fucking awesome park a got smashed to mediocrity.

Song for two day(s)

This song just reminds me of good time with friend that are family.Good luck to the new couple

I was going to add a song but Jusin's computer wont let me. Fucking machine
I will post the song in this post tomorrow.................Its Tomorrow songs up.

Discover Tesla!

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