Dec 8, 2008


Torn PCL, Big fucking bone bruise and drum roll please a ACL that looks like shredded chicken. Sound like surgery in January and back to normal by August. The Doc said that my knees mobility and strength is very good and far better than most rite after the injury. I have my work cut out for me in getting my knee into super man shape before the surgery. The stronger I am the better off I will be. Plans to pimp the chase have been put on the back burner if they happen at all.(the chase is officially for sale $500) I guess it is time for the rebirth of the monkey, it definitely needs some work. I don't get to squirrely on the monkey so I think it will be a good bike for building knee strength in the spring. I am just thinking bikes so I do not have to think about the surgery and recovery process.

I would like to thank everyone for the support and good vibes

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Ben said...

That sucks. You'll come back stronger and better! If nothing else more passion.

The Skelton's said...

Rick says you need to get better, dammit! (His words exactly)