Feb 26, 2009


Am I a bike Snob or a cycling elitist? I would not like to be considered to be a snob or elitist of any kind. I like to think that I am not either, but certain things keep me thinking that I may be. I hate snobists, ( I created a new word to save time on typing snob and elitist ) I fucking hate them! I mother fucking hate the fuckers! I work with a fascist fucking snob that would not consider me to be a human being because I do not roll around town in a fucking Escalade in fancy designer fucking clothes looking like a obnoxious circus clown. See now I am being mean......does that make me a snob, because I think I am more in touch with the rest of the world than rich assholes. I am not saying that everyone with money is a asshole, just that the assholes are assholes in general but I do hate the rich ones more than the poor ones....a lot more. Am I an asshole?

Back to the snobist aspect of cycling. I really started thinking about this when I was working on a Lightspeed(very spendy Titanium frame) yesterday. A fella came in with some spendy Mavic wheels and wanted us to install them and do a tune up on his bike no big deal. First off the bike had a nice even coating of road salt, which made me cry a little. When I started to do the tune up I noticed that his bottom bracket(connects the crank arms to the bicycle and allows the crankset to rotate freely) was falling out. Ever time the crank went halfway around there was a dramatic shift. How did he not notice that, it felt like shit. I got so pissed off, this guy does not deserve this bike if he is going to treat it this way. Midway through my tantrum it hit me,"Am I a fucking bike snobist?"or do I just covet what others have. I know that when I lived in the GF that being a little bike of a bike snob was encouraged. We had a back door that was suppose to be for employees only, there is a fucking sign. Most employee stories would start out "So this fucking stupid illiterate fucker came in the back door"and so on, I think you get the picture. It was kind of like the movie Clerks, but in stead of a convenience store it was a bike shop. I poked fun a few thing and straight up feel to the floor laughing about others, it was always(on my end at least) just good fun. Yesterday I was just straight mad. I like to think that I side with the customers more than some of the people I have worked with in the bicycle land, even tough I am not a huge fan of people in general. So what the fuck, I am just rambling again. Does it really mater if I am a bike snob or cycling elitist? I don't give a fuck what you think anyways!

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