Mar 6, 2009

Snobby Bike Riding Teddy Bear

Jenna left for a week leaving making me into Super Shut In. I have been home alone for one hour and am talking to myself and just being crazier than usual. The good weather today made me want to ride out side so badly, I wanted to say fuck doctors orders I want to ride. I know I feel more comfortable on wheels than I do with feet against pavement. I mean I will not jump off a five foot ledge on my feet but I will drop it on my trials bike. My bike allows me to do thing that I can not attain on foot.

I have not been to a movie in the theater in a wile so tomorrow I might go see this.

I am kind of a wanna be comic book geek but I can not justify spending the money to buy entire series of books, or collect thing isn't really me. The Watchmen is based off of a award winning graphic novel from 1985. The writers of the novel did not endorse the movie but it was directed buy the fell that did 300 and I think that movie is amazing. At a running time of 2hr 43min I will get my moneys worth of seat time. I will let you know what I thought of it tomorrow if I can overcome the fear of leaving the house.

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JennaKate said...

Hey baby! I miss you. Don't forget how to socialize with humans while I'm gone! :)