Mar 14, 2009


I have been very antisocial this week. Wednesday I did not set foot off of the porch and I only talked to Jenna on the phone no direct human to human contact. Not having Jenna around has been rough, I have been very out of it. My mind is wander more than usual pondering the questions of the universe, evolution, religion, human nature, consumerism in society, what Dr.Pepper is suppose to taste like.

My Karate Monkey is dying. I did some much need work on the it today, it is going to be my new commuter sense my Cross Check went to a new home last fall. Were to start, first off the I need to put some different brakes on it because I stole them for my Chase. The rear triangle has been twisted for a couple of years now. It does not pull to badly to the left but you can feel it when you ride no handed and installing a rear brake is also interesting process. There is usually some grinding and bending going on. After a hard riding fall in Duluth my fork is also a twisted piece of shit, there was some bending going down on the fork so that caliper adjuster hardware would not be dragging against the disc. It will keep rolling on I love this bike, it is the most comfortable riding position of any bike I have ridden. I would like this FRAME as a replacement in the future, all of the parts will switch over nicely. I am such a consumer.

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