Jul 8, 2009


Holy effen effer. Less than one week until I am once again able to thoroughly destroy everything on two wheels again.(If my x-ray looks good) I have plans to go shred with the Duluth crew after my appointment on Tuesday. I am a little scared to ride hard again but I do not want fear to hold me back from doing what I love to do. Fuck you brain!

Work has been awesome. We have been very busy this past week and I have had 2 1/2 days that have actually felt like work in the last 2 months. I love my job.

It has been hard living only seeing Jenna for a few hours each week. 17 days until the move.

Jenna and I will be moving back into our old apartment complex in south central STC. We will be pool side and on the ground floor. No more death walks across the hot ass parking lot to go to the pool and no more lugging bikes up the stairs.....Fuck Ya!

Mikey fit me up on Eddy and now feels amazing, I actually want to go for road rides now. I am in the process of selling the wheels off of my commuter and am currently commuter less. I am 90% sure that I will be building a Salsa El Kaboing for the spring of 2010. The other 10% is spread out over Yeti ARC or IF.

I have been feeling kind of antisocial as of late. People want me to do things like go to shows or social gatherings and ect. I have a hard time saying no because that is just the way I am but part of me just want to just straight out be like"I just want to sleep and be fat by myself."

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pooman said...

must be ruff working at a bike shop. getting good deals on shit and and having accses too a lot of tools and a stand.if your gona get a salsa get the big mama. if i get some cash together you'll see me in the shop putting money down on one(hopefully)