Aug 8, 2009

Menal Spaghetti

I went out for a street ride to day and had way to much going on mentally. Every hop and manual my mind was like"land soft or you will fuck you self" and"don't pump to hard or you will tear you knee apart". My mind did not stop me from doing anything. I actually rode very well today, awesome hops and manuals. I could not hop up to manual which was very frustrating considerings it was one of my main stay moves but it did not survive the time off the bike as well as other moves did.
I had two days off of work with no driving to Duluth or moving ect. I was completely directionless. I wasted tons of time watching TV and movies but I felt that every once in a wile you just have to do jack shit.

This shit is sweet


Ben said...

Sweet name for the bike!

Eric said...

good news on the apartment! it would be great to do a post-ride poo' partay. especially since it's hotter than hell down here... which wouldn't matter since to be at the pool I'd have to be there...