Sep 10, 2009

Fuck Blogin

I have wanted to blog lately but have been to fucking lazy. I have been riding a shit ton with the weather being amazing. I have put in tons of laps at the North Loop in the last 2 weeks, the trail has been almost perfect. Doomer and I went and rode the trail in Monticello on Sunday and I got worked lots of low speed corners into climbs which = sore knee at the start, but at roughly 14 miles there was a very good variance in terrain.This Sunday weather permitting we will be cruising to hillside park in Elk River to ride some Fun looking Fucking trails. I rode there five years ago and I still proclaim it as my favorite trail with the new features I can imagine it will still reign supreme.

Cool corner ER

teeter into chargeable rocks

Over under bridge

I have to get to fucking beeeeeed so I can get my roadie on at 6:45 with the boys.

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