Oct 15, 2009

Big Baby Goes Down

I ate shit pretty badly the other day at quarry park. For anyone who has ridden there before can tell you, the difference in traction between rocks inches apart can be incredible. One will be like 50 grit sand paper the next will be like a off camber sheet of ice. I was Just Riding Along and was suddenly on the ground. My front tire randomly slid out and I hit my fucked up knee. I was terrified for a second that I tore my shit up again but I talked my self back from freaking out. My knee did hurt but I decided to ride for another couple of hours for good or bad. Yesterday it felt awful and this morning it feels OK we will see what standing on it all day will bring. Anyway I love riding at quarry park it is my favorite place to ride at the moment. It has tons of crazy technical ups, downs, arounds and throughs, some that I will not step to or I will end up like this....

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