Mar 2, 2010

Whats Update

I got sick of push ups and then got sick. Cough, cold, flu whatever.....I am fucking sick and sick and tired of being sick. Sicksicksicksicksicksick!

Ok bikes
I am not going to go to the indoor skate park any more, spring is here. BTM and I went out and shredded the gnar on Sunday. We were pretty much hopping around like frogs from dry spot to dry spot.
Built up some new wheels today for my "gravel" bike. It is going to be a unique build I guess. I will post teasing picks every wed until done. NO! I should have it done by Sunday.(fingers crossed) I took me 3 weeks to build the wheels so we will see how that goes. Speaking of build wheels I have designed the sweetest truing stand base ever.
It has adjustable height, smooth swivel action, high speed casters and a lovely brown padded vinyl covering.

After doing some rad action on coaster brake bike V1 the fork could not take any more and apparently wanted to spend the rest of its life as a chopper. So a swap was in order.
Sweet new frame a lot stiffer than V1 and more fun with the super tall bars.

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