Aug 19, 2011


Dammit I want to do this but I can not.......Shit!

It is the same day as the DIRT BAG.....Shit!


Ben said...

hmmm...we could move the date of the DirtBag...November? That does sound fun.

Jez Andrews said...

I would like to invite you to my linky party on my bike blog called ‘Want It Wednesday’. Its very simple, by going to put your name and URL address in the linky Wizard. Then on every other Wednesday, blog about a piece of desirable bike kit that you want to own or even want to brag about, remembering to link back to my address so others can join too. It is a fantastic, fun and commitment free way for others to find your blog and read about you. It’ll increase you traffic to your blog and hopefully get you more followers.

Give it a try!!