Nov 2, 2008


I have been waiting for New World Disorder 8 "Smack Down" to show up from Netflix all this week I was quite excited to see it in the mail box when we returned from ND. I have been a huge fan of the NWD videos sense I first found out what freeriding on a mtb meant circa 1999-2000ish. I was as excited as a kid on Xmas morning when I through it in. As freeride videos go every year they are supposed to up the level of insanity. Well not this video, it was a piece of shit. I mean some of the tricks were unbelievable, but it as a hole....Please. It was bullshit wresting themed which wasted a ton of time, this shit is 1hr 4min long give me a brake. I get a little jumpy if I sit that long and am not thoroughly entertained. They should of packed the good shit into 35min like they use to. Hopefully NWD 9 will redeem my faith in the series. The music on the NWD 9 teaser is awful!

More disappointment, in my digestive track having bad timing. So I was going to go ride the big squishy bike at Chester Bowl which is a small Downhill ski area in the heart of town. There is a couple of good hits there that you can fly at ridiculous speeds down the hill into. Fun! Anyways it is a nine block walk up the hill and today was a problem. Left the house feeling fine but at about three quarters the way up nature was a calling. I thought I could tough it out and make it up there I was mistaken every steep was closer and closer to disaster. With the end in sight I could take no more and flew down the hill with no sweet hill carves or drops for fear of dropping in my pants. Sorry for the poop anecdote.

Song of the day

On the bright side The Refused kick major ass. They are in competition as my favorite band of all time...Ya. The first time I heard the Refused I was hooked. Their mix of punk, metal, techno and crazy Swedish folk Is unbelievable. I love this band! This song is off of The Shape Of Punk To Come; A Chimerical Bombination in 12 Bursts. I am never not in the mood for this album.

Discover Refused!

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