Nov 3, 2008

It ain't easy being green

It is so fucking froggy rite now! (Ha Ha I am funny.) We were suppose to have a record high temp today and all we got was fog. It is very interesting out side. The city seems so dead because you can not see more than 20ft. It is a real neat horror movie feel I was waiting for a chainsaw wielding madman to come charging out of the fog. Otherwise boring fucking day........time to do dishes and clean this storage unit we call a apartment. (Only because there is no garage and I have way to much bike shit.)

Song of the day

This is one of those song that I total forget about and just stumbled across. Then comes the reminiscing of what I was doing when I heard the song the first time and thing I have done while listing to it. This was one of the first punk rock songs I remember hearing. Definitely a gate way Drug into the world of punk and metal.

Discover Dead Boys!

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