Nov 6, 2008

Fuck fuck fuck

Progression through profanity. I got my new bike yesterday and it is quite nice.

Is a '08 Cannondale Chase 1 with a hodge podge of new and used parts. It rides like a tank, sooooooo solid. Did I already say how sweet this bike is. I got lucky because it was not raining on the way to work so I got to ride my new bike on a way to fast inaugural run down the hill, hopping a bike I had never ridden before up curbs at 20+mph. Nice nice. At work to day I got to be a little artistic and make some sale price signs and shit. It was a nice change of pace not having to deal with freaky fucking weirdos and sit on my fat ass. More luck as it stopped raining 20min before I got off of work and got to go shred the gnar. As for the fuck fuck fuck that was what I was saying as I was rolling towards the wall on the first wallride on the new bike. The wallride was a little sketch with the wet tires and new bike. Sweet fuckin bike.

Song of the day

The first time I thought it was hilarious. Flava Flav, I mean how can you take that fucking guy seriously. Chuck D is one serious motherfucker so they kind of equal out P.E. and Anthrax fuckin rocks. Sweet song.

Discover Anthrax!


Ben said...

Cannondale? Isn't that a bit too corporate for you? Why not the nicer one? You like to say fuck!

Two Wheel Terrorist said...

Cannondale is a bit to mainstream for me, but I am a little light in the wallet rite now.The chase 1 is the nicer one. Fuck!

Ben said...

I was thinking of the Chase frame that looks like a Van Halen guitar or something...I think.

Two Wheel Terrorist said...

Same frame different paint.