Nov 4, 2008

What a day off

Had the day off today, which sucks monetarily but not funetarily. The day started off as all of yours should of by voting for Obama. Then it was off to some sweet riding at Palisade Head(see photo) out side of Two Harbors.

Robbie and I cruised around on the rocky cliff tops there and found some steep ass rock out croppings to roll down and huck off of. A lot of the line were way to close to the cliff to be very comfortable doing, but they had to be done. Then it was off to Finland, not the country but the town to do a part of the section 13 trail. This was a nice mile and a half hike up just to hall ass down. This trail was very nice, rock drops, logs and slippery ass corners. The ride down was awesome except for a rotten log on the side of the trail that I over steered into and got launched over the bars. Robbie also hit the James Bond ejector seat on a very steep and rocky descent. I do not know how he stayed on his feet and ran out of it. We took some pictures on Robbie camera. Gnarly pick of us riding way to close to tall cliffs. I will get them up as soon as he sends them to me. It was a amazing day off of work. No time wasted.

Song of the day

What good is music if you don't offend anyone

Discover Frank Zappa!

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JennaKate said...

I love you, voter. You make it look so sexy. :)