Nov 17, 2008



Duluth,MN to Marquette, MI

The travel action went well today. Started to hit a little bit of snow around Ashland,WI and by the time we hit the UP it was really snowing. It was interesting driving through a snow storm in a car I have never driven before. We got a pretty good rental car it is a Chevy Cobalt. I thought is was going to be a piece of shit but it is a fun little car. It handles very well, gets bitchin mileage and has a big trunk for the bike. No big stops today, pretty much straight to Marquette. Drove around Marquette a realized that trying to get to places on the main drag is a pain in the pooper. No lights just fucked up turn lanes that you have to u-turn to get to were you are going. I ended up doing like 10 u-turns to get supper and gas. When we got back to the motel Jenna and I went swimming, sat in the hot tub and sweat my balls off in the sauna. To close out the evening, Adult Swim like a motherfucker. I hope Venture Brothers is on.


Crazy Uper roads.

Marquette MI to Flint MI

Another interesting day on the road. We drove through two different snow storms one in the UP one in the LP. It was strange to start driving with no snow on the ground and then drive trough a foot of snow, then no snow, then snow...... about four inches of sloppy shit then no snow. Fucking Upers, the hole UP shuts down after November first. No tourist no dolla. There were tons of fuckin "road construction" area with speed reduction sings and nothing on the side of the road or fucking workers.......fuckin phantom road crew bastards. Once we got to Flint and had to go on a shitty fuckin detour around the town to backtrack all the way through town. The drivers in Flint were crazy, running red lights without slowing down it happened multiple times at one light for Christ sake.We went to a Sonics. It is a fucking drive-in fast food place that the servers skate around with food and shit. The food was OK, Sonic has the ability to put chilly on everything. Not much else a lot of driving...........the big bridge from the UP to the LP was pretty sweet. The Yarn-o-thon Begins(Jenna my like to knit)


Big Fucking Bridge

Flint,MI to Toronto.

Boring ass drive. I have been eating to much sugary shit from gas stations my stomach hurt something awful today. I thought that the driver in Flint were bad, the ass holes in Toronto are like fuckin extras from Mad Max. Passing people in the parking lanes and driving a block into incoming traffic to take left turn. We are staying in this weird apartment building/hotel in a strange part of town. This building is fuckin old. The room is small and has a range/oven/fridge combo. So I could make eggs and grab a soda from the fridge wile laying in bed. O ya more yarn. Three yarn shop one day.


This picture is accurate that fuckin squirrel is black. I am not racist but that squirrel was gangster. I did not crop this picture or zoom the camera. The camera was like six inches from this fucker.

Trailer Park Boys
Canadian television at its best. This show is fuckin hilarious. I watched like two hours of this shit tonight......amazing.


No car Wednesday all fossil fuel free travel. First we walked around trendy ass art district. The people there we dressed so fucking precise for maximum cool factor(cough. d-bags) they made me look like a hobo in my nice sweeter. I guess its not hard to make me look homeless, employees a McDonald's dress better than I do...........anyways I have never seen so many people who truly thought they would be killed by the fashion police if one hair was out of place. Needless to say I was cracking joke at other peoples expense all fuckin day. Then we walked through Chinatown. We had to get some Canadian cash(Tuesday was remembrance day in Canada so the banks were closed) so we went to the bank with the Chinese writing on it. Just hanging out waiting in line and i noticed a surveillance monitor and could not believe how big I was compared to all the other costumers. I looked like Andre The Giant just towering over everyone. I finally got to get on the bike today. Jenna had to go to a Knit night at one of the local shops so I got to run wild. I was out of control swerving in and out of cars, manualing through intersections and flying by poser messenger fucks with there chrome bags and fashion forward color coordinated designed fixies. Living in Duluth has defiantly got me back into cycling shape I was pretty much bmx sprinting around every where and not getting tired. Found a nice gap out of a splash pool onto a skinny bike path. The gap was 15ft (I stepped it off) and dropped about 2ft to a 2ft wide path. It was slightly tech to get enough speed and land on the path......Fun!

Screaming at the laptop.

There is so many amazing urban artist(Graffiti artists) in Toronto there were so may unbelievable pieces everywhere.
View from hotel....Sketchy


Toronto to Cleveland,OH

Amazing day my favorite day of the trip. Lots of traffic leaving in the mourning which sucked but it was a smooth and we made our way to the only touristy thing on the trip Niagara Falls
. I saw on TV that the Canadian side was the side to see it from at from the layout the TV was good for something.
The border crossing was another story all together. Usually the ask a million worthless questions and it takes forever. All this guy wanted to know was with county were citizens of and if we had any Canadian food. Jenna thought he needed more information, so she told him a lot more. Then was a mind melting drive from New York to Ohio. I just shut my brain off and kept it between the lines. When we got to Cleveland we checked in to our hotel and went and grabbed some food from Popeye's. I had never eaten at a Popeye's before. Like Sandler said "Popeye's chicken is fucking awesome." The moment of the trip I had been waiting for Ray's MTB Park.This Place fucking sweet ass hell. They have almost every thing you would ever want to do on a Mtb indoors. A XC course above the rest of the park in the rafters....Crazy. They also have the expected jumps and shore bridges. Speaking of shore bridges i destroyed my derailleur hanger in under a hour and did not bring a spare.
I tried to single speed it but none of the gears on my cassette would give me enough chain tension. Lucky for me ray's now rents some nice bikes and even luckier for me was that I did not need to pay for it. I got to ride a
Mongoose Nugget. I am not usually one for full suspension of for Mongoose's but this bike killed it. It pedaling was efficient and was super playful it ripped on the pump track and jumps. It sucked up impacts on big drops and even rode well in the street park..........I want one now!
Our camera does not take the best action shots it is a little slow. I guess Jenna thought I looked better with out a head in this shot. When the bike mayhem was over for the night Jenna and I went for a swim at the hotel. The pool was huge and deep. It was nice to relax and stretch my muscles out in the warm water.


Stared the day out finding a new derailleur hanger which was cake. First shop I called had one and was only Five miles away. Then it was of to Akron to go to Dr.Bob's house were the beginnings of AA happened. This was very important to Jenna. Then back to Cleveland to fix my bike and get ready for the second night at Ray's. Again Ray's is so sweet I had a awesome time there. To me I thought that 70% of the obstacles were geared for the XC weekend warrior type to get of the ground alitte and on some skineys. So the second night got a little bland. I just tried to do all the lies as smooth as humanly possible and tyring some tricks off the shore drops.
I must have been cruising wile cranking this flatly.

Jenna rules she hung out and knit wile I was riding at Ray's two nights in a row. She thought it was a good idea to take a picture of the sock she was knitting with me at Ray's

Cleveland,OH to Rockford,IL

Got up early to start the drive to Illinois. We had to make it to a yarn shop outside is Rockford before they closed and it was a lot of miles. Got to see Chicago at 12 mph which was not no bad we were not stopped at all just moving slow. Not to much happened ate supper at a place called Thunder Bay Grill. I was decorated like a hunting shack(like my brothers house) which was interesting and got a hunk of salmon cooked on a hunk of maple lumber. It was so good. Being the last night on the trip we stayed at a fancy hotel. Our room had hardwood floors and all the fancy shit. Watched a bike video and had a nice evening.

Rockford,IL to Duluth,MN

Another early morning. On the road home we stopped in at Jenna's Aunt and Uncles for a feast of a lunch and good conversation. This was a nice stop to break up the long drive. This was the most boring day in the car by far. I did not want to come home. Here we are at home to a messy apartment and is a lot colder than we had seen in the past week. It was 69 degrees when we were in Cleveland for Christ sake. All in all it was a awesome trip I only bumped one car with the rental car and did not hurt myself riding.(my knee is a little purple but that ain't shit)
Awesome trip with my new wife.

Travel facts
Miles traveled by car.........................2348.8mi
Average speed.........................................52mph
Average miles per gallon.............................30.4
Broken bike part...................................1 hanger
Flat tires.............................................................0
Yarn Purchased..........(not really)...........50 Tons

Songs of the trip

Discover M.I.A.!

Discover RUN-DMC!

Discover Dio!

Discover T.I.!

Discover Wall of Voodoo!

Discover Danzig!

Discover Frank Zappa!

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