Nov 30, 2008

Thanksgiving this year was fun. Jenna and I drove down To STC on Wednesday night. I hooked up with Mr.Kalla to do some late night nostalgic street riding. We hit up the banks behind the Media Play building and Street riding gold mine of the city of Clearwater. It was awesome.

On Thursday we had breakfast with my folks and headed to Jenna's family's Turkey day festivities. Good food and conversations were had.(Jenna's family are a very vocal bunch(loud) not that it is bad you get to listen to four conversations at once if you have you multitasking skills in full effect)

Black fucking Friday. I am not a usual consumer, I will pay more money knowing that I will not have to deal with crowd of people. It seems like a waste of time to me to stand out side for hours just to save some money on things you don't necessarily need in the first place. You know what they say time is money. Think about how much time you stand in line to get in the store then, how much time to navigate through the store to find the things you want then, how much time you stand in line to check out then, how much time to get out of the parking lot then, how much time it takes you to get around town. I don't think there is a deal in the world that would make that worth wile to me! Oh ya I cut a huge hole in the side my thumb at work I bled all over the place(Texas Chainsaw Massacre style)I probable could of used a stich or two, that also seams like a waste of time to me. Oh ya again Friday sucked ass!

Saturday was normal.

As for today Not to bad. I slept in then went snowboarding at spirit. I do not enjoy snowboarding at "resorts" anymore. I use to love to go to resorts now lame. As always it is a fuckin fashion show and I don't give to shits about fashion. Riding for me is suppose to be a release, How can I relax when I am in the line up to take my turn at hitting a jump and get plowed into by a out of control kid that takes me down and fucks up my board. Did I mention that I that fashion oh ya and bull shit.


Two words Chinese Democracy
One word awful
More words shit, this sucks, give it up, garbage
But I will let you be the judge.

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