Dec 4, 2008

Good bye winter

So on Tuesday night I killed my right knee snowboarding. ER visit on Tuesday night X-Ray no broken bones. Orthopedic clinic Wednesday morning conclusion of possible torn ACL or cracked meniscus. Wednesday night MRI visit(lying in a tight ass tube for 25 minutes). For those of you who do not know my legs are huge and they had a hell of a time fitting my leg into the leg cradle on the MRI machine. They asked me if I still had the immobilizer brace on under my pants. I laughed so hard. I will not know exactly what is wrong until my Orthopedic clinic appointment on Monday morning. It is the worst felling knowing that the MRI will show what is wrong and all that shit is ready to go and the only thing keeping me from knowing is scheduling.
I can not put any weight on my knee or it just gives out,so no work, no play, no fun. My snowboard season is totally over so if there is some one out there that thinks that they could pass as me they can have my season pass. If it is a torn ACL and if it is a possibility to not have surgery I will be done snowboarding for good.

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Ben said...

Ugh, that sucks. Having had 3 ACL surgeries, torn meniscus, and currently 2 torn ACL's I know the feeling. Life goes on. The good thing, biking doesn't hurt it. Well the way I bike, not too sure about how you bike. Just take care of it. I also have arthriteous (sp?) in both knees.
Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Yo, I hope that you have some good news in getting fixed up. What you said makes my knees hurts. I think that is why I am selling my board. Get well.

Mike @ Revolution

Two Wheel Terrorist said...

Thanks for the support. I am just keeping my finger crossed for better than worse.