Nov 22, 2008


Today was better than the previous ones. I was not felling like ass today. Tuned some skis and waxed my good board for a nice opening day of riding at Spirit tomorrow. Wile the hike is nice it takes away from the real reason that I am out which is to ride. I watched some good movies this week. Iron Man was awesome I thought it was going to disappoint but it really pulled through. I also watched a documentary about women downhill riders called Hardihood. It was good to the "other side of professional mountain biking" so to speak. I liked it, the outer people that viewed it on Netflix hated it because they thought it was going to be a fast paced bike video. Fucking morons it says DOCUMENTARY rite in the description.

Song of the day

I played this CD at work wile I was tuning ski and it was rockin.

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