Nov 21, 2008


It is the fourth day in a row that I am in a shit funk. It is like my brain does not work properly. I cant remember things that I heard two minutes earlier, I guess I have a lot on my mind but I also feel like I am not in a "good mood". I'm not happy, not sad, just melancholy. Sucks! Maybe its because I have not been on a bike in a week. I only have one bike in working order at the apartment rite now and I don't want to ride it. I'll get the Pugs running, then I will freeze my balls off but I will get to ride. Sunday is my day off this week and I can not wait. This week has just sucked. I just hope I do not string myself to thin and burn through it or feel like I wasted my day off on something worthless.

Song of the day

RJD2 is sick. I am also really into DJ Shadow and this style of music gets me into a good state of mind. Maybe if I played this on my shuffle all day cranking into my ears I would have a better time and be in a better mood. I don't like to think of music as a crutch though.

Discover RJD2!

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