Dec 18, 2008

About Time

I finally got some of the pictures from Robbie of our ride at Palisade Head.

Robbie Hopping a little Drop

This was a nice high speed step down

This turned out to be a amazing shot......I am way to close to the edge of a Cliff that high

Me being way to daring again. Natural cliff side berm

This Shot and the next were taken in Finland. This picture does not do this shit justice. It was a four foot drop with a 4''x10'' landing area. To get this shot I had to sit way out on a rock that looked like it was connected to the cliff with sticks and mud. I was truly scared that it was going to break off the cliff but it paid off, nice action shot with great background.

This roll in was crazy. You could hear Robbie ass rubbing on the tire, he was as far back as humanly possible.

Song Of the Day

Four words..........Pee-wee's Big Adventure. If you don't know you better watch it.

Discover Twisted Sister!

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