Dec 17, 2008

Well I am a little star struck. Bill Savage the Filmmaker responsible for the movie Klunkerz commented on my Blog. In all of the interweb space why me.......I am stoked. Other than that not to much going on. Thinking of generally good gifts for Christmas that are........I will say at a reasonable price.(I have been missed some days and will be missing a lot more because of the knee surgery......lows on moneys.) It is hard to think that way, I feel bad for not spending what I think they deserve. I know money is not everything but I don't want everyone to think that I am more of a super cheep ass than usual.

Song of the day

Eagles of Death Metal are a band that stems off of a band that I really like, Queens Of the Stone age. Great sound and composition. It is pretty much QOTSA 2. Good stuff.

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