Jan 13, 2009

Final Countdown

Fuck Europe.......Tomorrow is the day that I have been waiting for. I will finally get my knee all fixed up so I can get going on the actual recovery process. I am not nearly as nervous as I thought that I would be by now, mostly just curious about how much my leg will hurt and how fucked up I will be from the meds.........I do not want to tell anyone to fuck off or tell them something awful about there mother with out knowing it...............I don't mind saying thous thing when I am totally aware of it but saying that when I can not control it would be awful. I hate felling that I am not in complete control of my body. Here it is!

I get a little antsy think about some one other than myself putting holes in my body.

Song of the day

For some reason when I think of the sound of strength in music I think of Earth Crisis....Maybe it is the Straight Edge thing. This recovery is going to take a different kind of strength than I am use to. Maybe the E.C. will help.

Discover Earth Crisis!

Discover Earth Crisis!

For some reason the E.C. songs don't play all the way through, If you want to listen to more just click on the bulk of the player and it will zoom you to Pandora......Fuck

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