Jan 15, 2009

Can O' Worms

(dictated to and typed by Jenna)

To make a long story short, went to the hospital... cut me open, found out my knee was in worse shape than they once thought. My ACL was completely sheared. My miniscus was torn. My orthopedic doctor had said that my miniscus was most likely not torn because I wasn't having issues with pain and a torn miniscus is ungodly painful she said. My kneecap was also cracked in several spots, completely unrelated to the injury which brought me to the hospital in the first place. The surgeon fixed up my ACL, fixed up my miniscus, and ground down the rough cartilage in my kneecap.

Now my knee just feels funny. I have a cool ice pack thing that looks like a Coleman water cooler. All you have to do is put it down to drain out the water and lift it up to get nice cool ice water back into the cuff... AMAZING. Every time I get up with the cuff on I feel it pulling on my stitches which is a bit uncomfortable. It just dawned on me that when I get up I should drain the water out.

I'm not feeling too doped out. I am feeling a little shakey, either from lack of food, dehydration, or who knows what. I am feeling very weak.

I'm chilling out in the living room on an air mattress 24/7. I slept about 2.5 hours last night, filled the rest of the time with Xbox and movies.

Song of the day

Kiss and a goddamn disco album. Are you fuckin' serious... I still like this song.

Discover Kiss!

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Ben said...

It's like reading a page from my past! Good Luck and happy healing.