Feb 22, 2009

From nothing to something

I have done so much shit in the last two day, Shit. Friday started out with PT, I got to my range of motion check on my knee. Normal range of motion is straight and 120 to 140 degrees, I am at straight and 120 degrees which I am stoked about. Then I went to work for a hour then I had to go see my surgeon. He thought everything look good. I then went back to work. After work I ran to the bank quick and noticed the noise that I had coming from the front end of my car had gotten ten times worse. It originally was just a light clicking noise that would happen every time the wheel would come around when the brakes were engaged, after I went to the bank it sounded like the front end of my car was going to fall off. Which sucked because I am currently on a limited income and was supposed to drive to QBP Saturday morning because I am the only one going with a car. So I called up Rudy to see what he thought the problem was. He did not know specifically what the problem was, so I went over to his house and we (by we, I mean I watched and assisted the little that I could) ripped the wheels off and found that my passenger side rotor was mega warped and was pushing the caliper to its limits which was causing the clicking. But the only way for us to know for sure was to change the rotors and pads. It is a little hard to drop almost $100 on the credit card not knowing for sure if it would actually fix the problem. Well it did. By the time it got done I went home and went to bed for the early morning drive to Q.

I got up early on Saturday to check out the possible shitty weather that may of past through during the night. It didn't look too bad so we rolled. The first forty minutes of the drive was not to bad until the sun came out and started to melt the snow into a nice salty slushy shit that got sprayed all over my windshield ever time I passed someone. Which normally would of only been annoying but this was potently hazardous because my wiper sprayers were frozen. So I would hit the wipers and the windshield would turn white and I could not see for 20 seconds or so.....AAAAHHHHHH. I t was a little nerve racking when we got into the metro and the road construction on 35. Well we made it. Q was fun got to check out all of the neat(some unneeded) new bike part and clothing. I met up with some former coworkers from STC(Mr.Josh) and The GF(Mr.Nathan) and got a personal tour of the QBP facility from Anthony of the Shock Treatment Center. It was fun we got to see and check things out more than on the normal tour. I also met up with Mr.Mike and Mrs.Mike at lunch time but could not hang and talk to much because of the lack of seating in the dinning area. Which bummed me out but I felt bad sitting there just taking and not eating wile folks were looking for a place to relax and eat there grub. My knee held up very well during the long hours in the car and the abundance of walking, I walk a shit load which was nice. The drive home was not bad, I was fuckin tired. The wife and I went To visit Colonel Sanders to get some chicken and biscuits.

With our biscuits we got this
Honey Fucking Sauce, not honey, Honey Sauce. Ingredients.....high fructose corn syrup, sugar, corn syrup, honey and caramel color. It does contain 11% actual honey though. What the fuck cheep ass bastards that want to make the planet as unhealthy as fuck, bastards. Its not like you need to put anything on the fatty biscuits to begin with, I can feel my ass getting fatter as I eat them anyways. I don't know why I would want to make them any worse for your body by putting some weak ass sauce on them. Worst of all why would you want to fuck up perfectly good honey.

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