Feb 19, 2009

The search is over......

I have been searching for THE Mtb frame for myself, I think I found it.

The Transition Trans Am is a sweet all mountain hard tail that is set up to take 4'' to 6'' travel fork. The TA also boasts a bitchin short stand over of 28.35'' but with a 19.5" seat tube on the large......Fuckin sweet....aaaahhhhh..yaaaaahhhhhaaaa. It can also be set up single speed or geared via this sweet contraption.
This frame is awesome! The key to this bike for me is its versatility. From Light DH to XC, SS to geared. Now the what I consider to be the negative aspects to this frame.

#1 Campy style integrated headset. (No Chris King)

#2 30.0 seatpost diameter. (27.2 is what I would of like.I have multiple post in this size)

#3 Possible rear wheel removal issues because of the disc brake and horizontal dropouts. I hate having to adjust my rear brake when I take my wheel off or put it on, on my Surlys

#4 This is the biggest kick in the teeth. I will most likely have to pay retail for this frame. I have been working at bike shops for quite a few years now, thinking about paying retail is though because of all of the possible frames I could get for cheaper. For example I bought a entire bike for the price I will be paying for the just the frame. Now that you know how much of a cheap ass I am.
The pros out weigh the cons.

This will be the frame I will be buying for my new mountain bike. Expected completion date of March 2010. I will be posting the SLOW BUILD rite here in my blog-o-sphere.

New old hair cut.
Jenna and I cut my hair last night. The cut was way over due, my hair was out of control.
Here it is!
This may be the best self portrait I have ever taken. I am not looking at the camera and with the black shirt on you can not tell that I am holding on the the cam.

Blog Stalkers

I recently found out that I have quite a few blog stalkers. People who read my blog but do not comment or ever make light of the fact that they read it. Guess what you may make the blog.
Look at this guy on a bright orange bike with no seat looking all lazy and shit.

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JennaKate said...

dude, if you didn't have a beard you'd look like you were 17 years old. Maybe you look 17 anyway.