Feb 11, 2009

No more song of the day. Deezer must of had some issues so I think it will now be the media of the day. Picture or vid of some interest. Not to much happening in my world, just working on the knee and working. I did get my trainer finally set up and have been on it about a hour plus everyday. It gets to be a lot when my knee screams at me every time the pedal goes around for the first ten minutes.

Shit of the day

Saw this vid wile dorkin out. Wile I lived in Crookston there was a kid that would come and rip the park on his scooter but he was not quite this good. This shit is crazy, Razor scooter are rickety pieces of shit. I could not imagine trusting bars that pop in and out.

REviseddd TPC part from matt mckeen on Vimeo.

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