Feb 3, 2009


I got my ass kicked at PT today. Leg presses with my bad leg only.......Balance board, I have not put that much weight on my leg so my ankle got fuckin worked. But worst of all was one leg dips, fuckin ouch. All in all, even though it hurts, every step closer to getting my leg back to normal is totally worth it. So the pain actually feels good, like progress.

Song of the day

Fucking song getting stuck in my head. This Justin Timberlake song off of the commercial for the Grammy awards has been stuck for about four hour so I thought I would share.

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The Skelton's said...

I think you're right about that whole moving thing. We have started packing some crap, just the shit that sits on the walls and so on. We won't really get to it till the week before. Man, moving sucks!