Feb 2, 2009

Massively Magnificent Mustache Monday

When I think of the mustache I think of my father. He has sported the under nose above the lip hair my entire life. He shaved it off once when I was about ten and he came find me when I was on a bike ride because it was late for supper and I did not recognize him. I was like who the fuck is this guy..........oh hi dad. That was the only time I have seen him with out one. Sense my dad is my hero the mustache has always been a important part of my life. I would love to have a beautiful blond mustache but the wife has other ideas. So I will do the next best thing and have the Massively Magnificent Mustache Monday With the greatest staches of all time.

Burt need I say more. Ok I will Burt kind of looks like my day but without the hat. Fitting.

1 comment:

the wife. said...

Dude, I am just saving you from how hilarious you would look with a weak-assed mustache. Your dad couldn't grow a decent 'stache until he was 35 and I'm guessing you're in the same boat. Although you are getting really old so maybe that 'stache will be flourishing in no time, grampa.