Feb 2, 2009


I went back to work today for a half shift and it was not to bad. I felt worthless but then again I had been gone for two weeks so I had no projects started and there were no customers, it was very slow. The knee got a little sore at about the four hour mark but I had been standing for longer than I have in the last two weeks combined. I did hang out with our website design fella and got some knowledge to make me more versatile as a employee, which could be good or bad. I like to learn things and crave knowledge but will this be one of those thing that will become expected of me plus my usual work load. If it does I will make due and try to enjoy it like always. I did order a indoor trainer for my bike today....let the indoor masochism begin. I am excited to ride but not to be inside.

Song of the day

Usually I try to keep good songs on good posts but I am trying to save a shitty post with a killer song. Joe Fuckin Walsh......Fuck the Eagles

Discover Joe Walsh!

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