Mar 22, 2009


I have been a little frustrated with my knee as of late. After surgery it just felt like it was getting less painful and stronger everyday, about three weeks ago it hit a plateau and it was very frustrating. Usually for a wile in the morning it feel like I have to really pay attention to waking or my leg will buckle under. This morning I took the first step away from the bed expecting painful and awkward steps but all my leg felt was normal. There was no stretching feeling, pain or awkward steps it just felt normal. I thought I had totally forgotten how my knee should feel but there was a great feeling of remembrance swept over my body that I have not felt sense December 2ND. I thought that the feeling was a fluke so I immediately went and beat the shit out of my leg on the trainer and then did my pt exercises then put it on ice as usual. After icing it still felt amazing not stiff, painful or awkward. I am now again on the upward swing, it brings a smile to my face as I now try to get my leg to remember how to spring off of the ground without the pain. My only worry now is that it feels normal and I may not be as motivated to do my pt because I will not have that awkward painful reminder to do so. I do have this reminder......

That if I train out in the sticks that I can beat the shit out of a huge Russian.

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