Mar 26, 2009

The wheels are a rollin'

I got out on my first outdoor ride of the season today despite the cold, wind and snow. I rode about 40 minutes up the shore and back, it felt so good to be on a bike out side regardless of the conditions. I stopped got out of the wind, took some pictures and warmed up on the way back. I have a had time grasping how big lake Superior actually is, I just stare out upon the lake and expect to see the other side but it is not in sight. I got a little bit cold by the time I got home I think my nipples we hard enough to cut glass. Cruising speed was the tempo to say the least on my new free ride bike....I mean free bike.
I claimed this one before it made it to the dumpster wile I was working at Ski&bike in the GF. Today was the first time I have ever ridden this bad machine, it is pretty fun other than the current post does not allow for a decent leg extension. I felt free again after being cooped up for so long and I would be lying if I said that both wheels stayed on the ground the entire time.

I saw the surgeon again the other day and I am now down to PT once a week and was told that I should be able to go back to my normal riding style in July but I will saddled with a brace during "extreme"(I hate when people say extreme when describing alternative activities) activities for the rest of my life. I guess it could be worse I could have been told not to do them at all.

The time of the move is quickly approaching. I can not wait, If I did not have a good thing going with my PT up here I would just quit my fucking job and make my way down asap. Rite now my knees health is way up on my priority list and I trust my physical therapist more than others that I have had in the past. I guess there is only five weeks to go so I will just take it day to day.

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you said, "nipples"!