Apr 30, 2009

Signing off

24 hours and I will be on the road to my new livin sitch. Mom and Dad prepare for a storm of bike parts and dirty clothes. Moving back home after living so far away for four years is a little strange. not seeing my family for months at a time and then go to seeing them everyday will be awesome, not being able to see my lovely wife everyday is going to be awful. All should be worth while, closer to family and friends. A new killer job in a dying job market. I have never had a job lined up before moving to a new place, that will save my mind weeks of mental breakdown level stress. One last day of work at conti. Even though it was my last week at this job I just could not let things go and got stressed out as always with how not organized and unstructured the shop is. No bad blood but I it is just not my style, a place for everything and everything in its place. I can not wait to work at a proper bike shop with a staff that knows what the fuck is going on. The fact that my parents do not have Internet access means that I will be out of the blogging scene for a undisclosed amount of time, so don't expect shit!

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