Apr 23, 2009

The move is closing in faster and faster, eight days and counting down. I am a little freaked out about moving away from my wife and belongings. I am also a little stressed about my new job, I know everything will be awesome. I just start digging to deep into my thoughts sometimes and freak myself out.

I got out and played some disc golf yesterday. I use to play at least eighteen everyday from the ages of 17 to 22, I played a lot and was pretty descent. I just figure it is a good activity to do with the bum leg. I had a good time sucking it up. I had some good drives followed by awful putts and vise versa. It was a good time but I become a little obsessive about getting back to my peak level of playing or riding when I realize that my skills have fallen off. The last time I tried to get my snow skills up to par I ended up with a new acl. I tend to push it a little and throw myself into bad situations just to progress.

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