Aug 26, 2009


I have been very down on myself the past couple of days.

Example#1: I was working on a bike that the front end was creaking on I did everything that I could and it still made noise. I felt like a failure and so unprofessional because I could not fix this fucking bike. It really got to me.

Example#2: I have the day off today and yesterday when I was thinking about what I should do with my time, nothing sounded fun or interesting.

Example#3: No direction, What the fuck should I do.


Ben said...

I love you man...and you did figure it out. The fork is fucked!

Jenna said...

Um, on your day off I think you should go to Target with me to buy miscellaneous stuff, like a plate with a skull on it, fabric softener, and a soap dish. Then we should go on a leisurely bike ride together, and I will make you peanut butter rice crispie bars with chocolate on top. We could make out too, if we get bored or something.