Aug 23, 2009

Weekend Update

OK so maybe a little more than just the weekend. I checked out NWD9 the other day.

(shitty preview everything else had stupid licensing deleted audio)

NWD 9 was much better than 8 hands down but it just seems like all of the MTB vids are trying to be like the Collective and are not coming close. The Aaron Chase/Adam Hauck was killer but I just kind of zoned out for the rest. Check it.

This morning Doomer and I went out for a ride. Mr. Josh and Mr.T were suppose to join us but I guess we were not cool enough to ride with. We booth stated out with immaculately clean bike and came back with brown crunchy machines but it was a awesome time. It was very wet so it looked like I had pissed my self by the time we were done. On the ride home I sliced my tire open just to find out that my mini pump that has been hanging in my pack did not work. Fuck that thing.

Here is some thing for the road.

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