Dec 17, 2009

What The Funk

No ambition what so ever! In other news I had a interesting morning Tuesday. Jenna woke me up at 7 bells with"I am sorry, I know you wanted to sleep in but the car won't start." Which I responded "What am I suppose to do about it." Got up and gave a shout out to the hommies to see if I could get a vroom vroom to go get a new battery but they were all preoccupied. So I proceeded to ride to the parts place and back with a heavy fucking battery in my bag. That shit was so heavy it was hard for me to breath with the weight of the battery crushing my chest. Threw a new battery in no start. Called up The Rick and we check the car out, not that I know shit about motors but I was there for moral support. It had gas reaching the fuel pressure test valve so we proceeded to replace the plugs thinking we may have soaked the plugs with all the slow cranking with the burnt battery. Not a fucking chance. So I went to work and left Jenna to deal. Jenna and her Pops towed the car over to the shop and the Revo team and fam pushed it into the bay allowing the fuel line to thaw. That shit started rite up after sitting in the bay for two hours. I Hate Cars!

1 comment:

Jenna said...

I also hate cars, especially when they think invisible gremlins are trying to steal them!