Jan 15, 2010

Back into action

December was a very lazy month no trainer time, skiing or riding. I guess you could call it taking a month off or some shit. I am now rockin' mindless trainer hours and free weight work for legs, arms, ect. I have also been hitting up skate parks on the bike multiple time a week with lots of travel hours rolling to Rodger, Golden Valley and Duluth.

Mr.Doom and I got out on a nice Pugs ride yesterday we rode from St.Augusta to Clearwater around and through Warner and back all on snowmobile trails. The trails were awesome on the way out but because of the rising temp the snow softened up a lot on the way back. Good times.

I signed up for the a Almanzo 100. The Almanzo is a 100 mile gravel road race/ride in Rochester, MN this may. I have not done a race or event for that matter in three years. Maybe this will get the ball rolling and I will commit to a couple of MTB events this year. Most of all it just gives me something to work towards.

I have got a three day weekend this week. I hope to get out and ski on Saturday and Sunday. Today I am going to get to some much needed bike work, my commuter really needs some loving and so does my park bike. Later today I will be hitting up the Showcase Skate Park in Rodgers, should be a good time I have got some new moves in mind to work on.

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