Jun 23, 2011

Movies Movies Movies

I have watched a shit ton of movies so far this week. I once got so much enjoyment out of seeing new movies. The past three years or so that enjoyment has dwindled. With the new injury movies are the perfect pastime. So this are some of the high and low lights of the week.


I enjoined Daybreakers. It had a unique spin on the typical vampire movie and there was a good amount or bloody gore. I was not the biggest fan of the ending though.


Good movie. It was one of those....I want to see what happens next type.

Rising Son: The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi

I have a big soft spot for skateboarding even though I have not been on a board for years. This is a very well put together documentary. I enjoyed this one a ridiculous amount.


This shit was just awful as to be expected. No laugh out loud moments just dumb shit.

Night Shift

I am about 45 minutes into this movie so far so good. Unique crazy Russian movie and I do not mind the subtitles to much.


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