Jun 20, 2011


Down and out with a separated shoulder again. Went down riding my trusty rigid SS at the North Loop/Jail Trail on Friday. I was trying to conker a flow destroying section and just made a slight miscalculation and did a nose wheelie to ejector seat. The section is slightly downhill which makes a fall over the bars a excruciatingly long and painful proses. The head first landing was inevitable. After the initial impact I tried to roll it out and drilled the back of my shoulder. The crunching, cracking and popping noises from my helmet and shoulder were amazingly loud as they echoed throughout my flailing body. So there I was laying on the ground amazed that I was still conscious when my bike proceeded to pile drive me. I threw the bike off of me and screamed "FUCKING ASSHOLE BIKE!" You would think that my bike would have been a little more courteous and not landed on top of me after that........DICK. When I got up I thought I was perfectly fine until I grabbed my bike off the ground and my shoulder pulled out of place. Phone calls and ER visit to fallow.

So......here we are days later I am mastering my one handed typing skills and doing one of the only other things I can do, mentally beat my self up. I would like to consider myself a very competent and technically able mountain biker. Shit like this just takes me down a peg. I feel like it destroys my credibility as a good rider. Wile I don't really give a fuck about what anyone thinks of me, it still is a constant thought running through my mind. lord only knows how long I will be out. I will have a fallow up visit in a week or so but until then I will just try to stay sane.

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