Jan 9, 2012

Fatty Roll

I just signed up for the Fatbike Frozen Forty. The event should be a awesome time on account of the race being on the Elm Creek single track. Elm Creek has a super fun and fast rolling MTB course . It should be amazingly fun with slipping, sliding and massive amounts of tire rubbing all over the place. My goal for this event is just to finish at my pace, which should not be a problem unless a tree, crazy weather or some stupid fuck(which may be myself) takes me out. I am actually excited for this one.

Now for my crazy brain. I hate the term fatbike and not because I am a overweight fat-ass. I just think it is fucking stupid. Life was so much better when this style of bike was generically called a Pugsley. I am taking it back! Just like Band Aid and Vice Grips before it, I will call these bikes Pugsleys from here on out. (or occasionally FFTB)

The Refused! Possible my favorite band EVER.

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