Jan 5, 2012

New Year Smew Year

Song of of the week. I am hooked on this song. The weird wood block/cowbell junk is amazingly fun.

New year smew year. Fuck all that resetting into a new year junk. I for got it was a new year twice today.....Did I say that I do not give a fuck. Blah blah yakity smakity! Ahhhaaa, Braaaaahhhaaaa. What OK.

Riding the puggers has been amazing over the past couple of months. I love that bike. Weather it is up the frozen waterfalls of Amity Creek in Duluth. Bush crashin' through unexplored areas around town, riding hub deep through the Mississippi to explore the Beaver Islands or just rippin' familiar single track.........AMAZING amounts of fun.

Big adventure planed for next week. Maybe I will fill you in........ or maybe I wont give you the pleasure of hearing about my great fucking adventures. AAAHHHHHAAAA!

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