May 23, 2012


It has been a crazy couple of weeks time goes so fast. Work has been busy and my days off have been spent driving all over the country side to ride my bike. As much as I hate them, sometime I think a rainy day off is just what I need. Just fucking relax and brush off all my cares in the world. I have been having some fun adventures lately. Time for show and tell.

Eagle Park trials adventure
Eagle Park is a city park just out side of Rockville. The park has rocks ranging in size from a crunch berry to a mobile home. Had a super fun day riding, but I thought I rode like shit all day. Whatever. Here is a vid of some of the features of the park and my sub-par riding.

Cuyuna Fat action
Hauled ass up to the Ironton/Crosby area. I got a guided tour of Minnesota's only fat bike specific winter trail. I actually had fun meeting new people. Usually I am very shy and miss out on neat shit because of being a socially awkward. I also solo missioned the summer trails system on the Pug and it was stupid fun.

Elk River/Elm Creek
Burt and I Rocked the two before work yesterday. Elk River now has a dual slalom course. It is a little rough but my guess is that it is sill in the very early stages. Elm Creek also has added another new log feature. It was a amazing morning. A lap at Elk River with a couple of runs down the DS run. We then motored to Elm Creek for a modified lap that added a additional trip through the prairie and Grizzland the advanced section.

The jump on the DS run was fun. With the way the jump was shaped with a constant hump, you travel a long way off the ground but at a low height, crop-dusting. Great jump for beginners to experts, low risk but very fun. Burt sending it.

 This is the newest feature at Elm Creek. Its a log skinny/log berm thing. It was ok.

Burt Rippin' the down hill log ride

 Me just chillin' on the down hill log ride.

BRian Fart Noose OUT!

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