Jun 5, 2012


I am 95% sure that I am out for the Dirty Benjamin. Doing this event or any event for that mater, at this time.Just seems like it will wreck my positive out look that I have towards riding rite now. I have not had this much fun riding in years. Why should I destroy that by making my self fell like shit. After these 100 mile races I have numb hands and feet for about a week and do not enjoy my self wile riding them. So why ride them, I tend not to talk to strangers. I say hello and move on ahead. The only thing I get is a slight sense of accomplishment which fades quickly. Playing in the dirt on my time and schedule is far more fun and rewarding for me than I can put into words.


Ben said...


Two Wheel Terrorist said...


Pest Control Natural said...

LOL! I don't understand why you guys calling this guy pussy! bitch! or something.. but still bikers are cool..

Pest Control Natural

Lebon Misy said...

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