Nov 19, 2008

Scorpion grind

Scorpion grind......the art of sliding on your chest with your feet in close proximity to your head. Bending your back the direction that it was not fully meant to bend. With that out of the way.... Robbie and I went and Poached some preseason runs at Spirt Mtn tonight and i proceeded to do the best scorpion grind of my life. We built a cool little hip hit on a pile of fleshly blowing snow(if you want to call it snow....its white). The first time I hit it my trajectory was a little bit off and did not hit the landing and proceeded to bury the nose of my board into the dense wet new snow. Which then launched me into a nice chest slide which was fine, until my head and shoulders plowed into the snow and instantly stopped me. Once my top section stopped my lower extremities thought it was a good idea to keep going. Which did a awful insta stretch on my back. I was bent over the wrong way so far I thought I was going to get hit in the back of my head by my board.

Song of the day

Kenny always said it best. That was the first and last time I hit the jump. Maybe I should of folded earlier no pun intended.

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