Dec 15, 2008

CIA out to get me

Yesterday I went for a walk in the blizzard, I was not being adventurous. I just went to go get some food from the co op but my knee had another agenda. I was a block from home when my foot slipped out and my knee bent backwards and made a loud pop........Fucking son of a bitching ouch!Within seconds of me being on the ground there was a swarm of fine Duluth folks concerned for my well being. One young woman was on the phone with 911 getting a fuckin ambulance. I yelled and said I don't want a fucking ambulance, I can't pay for that shit. Then they asked me what was wrong, I told them that I tore my ACL and one woman asked how can you tell?, in a very surprised tone of voice. I then explained the situation. They then helped me up and hobbled home. I really thought because my knee was already hurt that I surely fucked something else up in there badly(it was a loud pop). This totally derailed my physical and mental progress, especial the mental. I was a wreck for almost 24hrs. Just felt like I was getting shit anything bad that could happen has been. Maybe the CIA was sitting in a surveillance van with a electromagnet, turned the fucker on, pointed it at my knee brace pulling my leg out from underneath me. I do not think that I damaged anything else in there but I did lose some mobility and it does hurt like it did when I initially injured it.

Amazing Movie

On Friday night I watched a great documentary on the roots of mountain biking called Klunkerz. I enjoyed this movie and it is a MUST WATCH for anyone that rides. I watched it again yesterday just to make sure it was still good and it was. The trailer does not do it justice.

Song Of the Day
This song is Awesome!(so awesome I capitalized the A in awesome) Lately I have been hearing a lot of song that trigger sense memory. It is kind of like war vets having flash backs. Not only memories come rushing in but feeling rush over me good, bad or otherwise.

Discover The Kinks!


klunkerbill said...

Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it.'s Klunkerz with a 'z' at the end. It makes it easier to find. I'm working on a new trailer that will, hopefully, be more representative of the film. Thanks for spreading the word.
Ride on,
P.S. Don't forget to check out the DVD extras. They're not just some deleted scenes that weren't worth putting in the movie:).

Ben said...

You know when you crack your knuckles and it makes the small popping noise? That is most likely what happened with your knee. You do want to be careful though. You don't want to tear too much of your meniscus (sp?). Otherwise you will be hobbling around like me!