Jan 24, 2009

Hah snah blipity boo

I think the big story of my life for quite a wile will be knee related......so get use to it. More strength and a little bit more mobility. It is getting to where I am almost comfortable sitting now so that is a plus. I stayed up super late playing Skate on the 360 with The Pease, it was a good time. I have not talked to to many people as of lately make me even more of a shut in than usual, so when Morgan called to come over I was stoked. (I think Jenna thought it was good that I had company so someone else could answer my rhetorical questions).

Song of the day

I could not pick just one so I thought that I would share a album today. Fugazi.......amazing.....the band was remnants of Minor Threat and Dag Nasty. Minor Threat is amazing and Dag Nasty were ahead of there time (I hate that saying but) in "pop punk genera." Both bands have been and are huge inspirations to bands and fans everywhere. So why not make one group and kill it.This album is in my top ten and is seamless.

Discover Fugazi!

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