Apr 15, 2009

I was up at 5:50 today with no alarm, that is to early to be waking up on my day off. I have not felt like anything in my life is worth blogging about lately. I hate talking about how my knee is doing all of the time but that is possibly the biggest hurdle of my life. My bad leg is getting strong I would say it is at about 75 to80% of normal and it was three months sense my surgery yesterday. My good leg is freakishly cut and strong currently because of motoring up the hills in Duluth with primarily one leg.(I am not suppose to climb the steep hills yet but I do, I just make sure 90% of the power is off my good leg) I also don't want to blog about every ride I take on my bike, other than that I don't have much going on. I am having a hard time at work it just feels like no one has my back and I am the only one who cares if work actually gets done on time or at all. So shit! Fuck! AAHHHHAAAAAhp!

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Jenna said...

remember when you used to blog?